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Who is behind Dense?

Dense started in 2022 by health enthusiasts with a long experience of health, fitness, biohacking and longevity. They have also been in the supplement business for many years and have the experience to develop the best products possible.

Can I trust Dense?

Dense is registered and regularly inspected by the Swedish food agency which goes under strict laws that regulate our processes for development and supply of our products. We use a third-party payment option with delivery insurance so you that you should feel safe when buying from us.

What animal based products suit me best?

We believe that everyone has individual needs and therefore it is difficult to recommend "one solution fits all". However, the most inclusive product would be the Beef Organs which we call natures multivitamin. For more help just send us an email.

Can I order organ supplements in my country?

Our goal is to make high quality nutrition available for everyone. If your country is missing in the checkout, just contact us and we will see what we can do.

I have a store and would like to sell organ products!

Just use this contact form and we will get in touch!

When is the best time to take organ supplements?

You can take organ supplements whenever you want, but we recommend it to be taken together with a meal so you don’t forget about it. Create a habit and stick to it.

Can I open the organ capsules and sprinkle it on my food?

Yes, definitely! If you have a hard time swallowing capsules, just sprinkle the organs on your food, add them in your protein shake or smoothie. It’s up to you.

What’s in the organ capsules?

All of our organ capsules contain nothing but grass-fed, pasture-raised beef organs.

Why do you use gelatin capsules in all your organ supplements?

Our capsules are made of 100% bovine gelatin. We use this since it is the capsule that is broken down and assimilated most easily in the body. And this makes the organ products 100% animal-based.

Why should I eat organ meats?

Put simply, superfoods are nutritional powerhouses and organ meats are the true superfoods – packed with important nutrients and co-factors. The more high-quality animal foods we eat, the more bio-available nutrients we will receive.

Are the organs sourced from grass-fed cattle?

Yes, they are 100 % grass-fed.

There is liver in many of the products, why?

Liver is particularly rich in many minerals and B-vitamins that complement those found in muscle meat.

Can kids use organ supplements?

Yes, kids need really good nutrition and organ meats are on top of that list. Keep the dose small (1-2 capsules) and sprinkle them on food. However, we don’t recommend using our Beef Testicles for children.

There are lumps in the capsules. What is this?

The products go through a delicate freeze-drying process and is after that gently milled. The grain size will differ quite a lot but the total amount in each capsule is the same.

The testicle supplement specifically is difficult to mill completely since it contains tough pieces. This will have the look and feel if small pieces of paper but it is 100% testicles.