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Grass-Fed Beef Organs

Grass-Fed Beef Organs

Looking to cover all bases for foundational health and well-being? Our mix of liver, heart, and kidney offers a broad spectrum of key vitamins and minerals.

🥩 Nature's multivitamin: packed with bioavailable Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Folate, and Protein.

🚀 1,5x higher amount per capsule than other brands

👍 No fillers or preservatives. Just 100% animal-based gelatin capsules filled with nothing but grass-fed beef liver, heart, and kidney.

🤝 Perfect for paleo, low-carb and keto diets + carnivore friendly.

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Supplement facts

Serving size: 6 capsules per day
Servings per container: 30

Amount per serving

Beef liver 1 950 mg
Beef heart 975 mg
Beef kidney 975 mg


Grass-fed beef liver (50%), grass-fed beef heart (25%), grass-fed beef kidney (25%), beef gelatin capsules

Suggested use

Take 6 capsules per day or as advised by a health professional.


Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied food regimen. The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Store at room temperature and out of reach of small children.

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Beef organs, including liver, heart, and kidney, are rich in a wide array of bioavailable nutrients that are essential for sustaining optimal health and vitality. These organs are exceptional sources of Vitamin B12, Iron, Zinc, and Selenium. Specifically, the liver is renowned for its high Vitamin A content, the heart for Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and the kidney for its concentration of B vitamins and selenium. 

Incorporating more grass-fed beef organs into your diet does more than just offer exceptional nutrition; it also respects traditional practices of using every part of the animal, which helps minimize waste and promotes sustainability.

Our freeze-dried organ supplements come in convenient beef gelatine capsules - packed with nothing but grass-fed, pasture-raised beef organ from New Zealand. 

One serving of our beef liver capsules is equivalent to ~20 grams of raw beef beef organs.

  • Grass-fed & pasture-raised in New Zealand
  • Freeze-dried to preserve the quality
  • Free from hormones, antibiotics & pesticides
  • Free from additives, fillers and flow agents

How Our Beef Organ Capsules Are Made

Freeze drying is an advanced technique ideal for preserving raw organs, transforming them into lightweight, stable supplements without compromising their nutritional integrity. 

This process involves freezing followed by vacuum-drying at low temperatures, effectively preserving essential nutrients and enzymes. As a result, the original biological activity is kept intact in the final product.

Freeze-dried organ supplements are a convenient and effective way to incorporate the benefits of raw organs into one's diet, ensuring that individuals receive the maximum nutritional value with each serving.

Why Beef Organ Capsules?

Grass-fed beef organs, including the heart, liver, and kidney, are nutritional powerhouses offering an array of essential vitamins and minerals. However, their distinct tastes might not appeal to everyone, and they can be challenging to find at local grocery stores.

Our freeze-dried capsules containing a mix of beef heart, liver, and kidney offer a straightforward solution, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine and providing an easy way to enhance your nutrition. They are perfect for those who seek the health benefits of organ meats without the hassle of preparation or dealing with their specific flavors.

Our capsules allow you to effortlessly incorporate the nutritional advantages of grass-fed beef organs into your diet, eliminating any inconvenience.

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef Organs

Beef organs, such as the heart, liver, and kidney, are jam-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, serving as excellent additions to a balanced diet. Their nutritional profiles feature high levels of zinc, iron, and selenium—minerals that are pivotal for immune function, oxygen transport, and antioxidant defense.

These organs are also rich sources of B vitamins, including vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B6, and B12, which play critical roles in energy metabolism, brain function, and the maintenance of healthy blood cells.

Notably, the heart is packed with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), beneficial for energy production and cardiovascular health, while the liver is abundant in vitamin A, vital for vision and immune health, and the kidney provides a boost in selenium and B vitamins.

Together, these organs offer a remarkable blend of nutrients, making them incredibly nutritious choices for anyone looking to supplement their diet with health-enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Customer Reviews

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Asgeir Runarsson

You can really feel the difference 💪🏻

Attila R.
My supplement of the year! :)

I truly love the Grass Fed Beef Organs, fantastic quality overall!! I feel better taking it and I was shocked to see so much care and attention to detail like real tinted glass container, no plastic and full transparency about the contents’ source. This is my first purchase from Dense but certainly not the last as I will be ordering to my parents too from now on.

Nicole Trimmel
Great experience

I really love the products. A high quality and a great design as well.

Valeria Cedillo
Great products

Really good products, great service. I only wish they had subscription for the electrolytes

organi di manzo

ottimo prodotto, da integrare in uno stile di vita keto/carnivor. migliore che abbia mai provato.