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Grass Fed Beef Testicles

Grass Fed Beef Testicles

Looking for a natural testosterone boost? Try our grass-fed Beef Testicle pills, sourced from naturally grazing bulls!

🥩 Contains all the nutrients and building blocks naturally occurring in bulls testicles.

👍 No fillers or preservatives. Just 100% animal-based gelatin capsules filled with nothing but grass-fed beef testicles.

🚀 Convenient and natural T boost to enhance male performance.

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Supplement facts

Serving size: 6 capsules per day
Servings per container: 30

Amount per serving

Beef testicles 1 200 mg
Beef liver 1 200 mg


Grass-fed beef testicles (50%), grass-fed beef liver (50%), beef gelatin capsules

Suggested use

Take 6 capsules per day or as advised by a health professional.


Dietary supplements should not be used as an alternative to a varied food regimen. The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Store at room temperature and out of reach of small children.

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Beef testicles are rich in essential minerals that are important for maintaining healthy fertility and optimal testicular function. These organs are particularly rich in zinc, selenium, iron, and B vitamins, nutrients known for their critical roles in reproductive health. 

Similar to other beef organs, such as the liver, heart, and kidney, testicles offer unique nutritional benefits and is rich in bioavailable minerals and vitamins, as well as other building blocks naturally occurring in bulls testicles.

Our freeze-dried organ supplements come in convenient beef gelatine capsules - packed with nothing but grass-fed, pasture-raised beef organs. 

  • Grass-fed & pasture-raised 
  • Freeze-dried to preserve the quality
  • Free from hormones, antibiotics & pesticides
  • Free from additives, fillers and flow agents

How Our Grass Fed Beef Testicle Pills Are Made

Freeze drying is an advanced technique ideal for preserving raw organs, transforming them into lightweight, stable supplements without compromising their nutritional integrity. 

This process involves freezing followed by vacuum-drying at low temperatures, effectively preserving essential nutrients and enzymes. As a result, the original biological activity is kept intact in the final product.

Freeze-dried organ supplements are a convenient and effective way to incorporate the benefits of raw glands into one's diet, ensuring that individuals receive the maximum nutritional value with each serving.

But... Why Bull Testicles?

In traditional diets, there's a common viewpoint known as the like-supports-like principle. This concept suggests that consuming a specific organ can benefit the corresponding organ in your body.

Some research indicates there might be some scientific validity to these beliefs. For instance, beef heart is exceptionally rich in CoQ10, a compound beneficial for heart health, supporting the idea that it can aid in heart maintenance and potentially lower heart disease risk.

Beef Testicles, along with the testes of various animals, have historically been valued globally for their alleged ability to enhance libido.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef Testicles

Beef testicles, prized for their libido-enhancing and testosterone boosting properties, are nutrient-rich, especially in minerals like zinc, selenium, iron, and B vitamins, crucial for reproductive health.

They also offer enzymes and precursors that are associated with supporting the well-being of testicular functions and the processes involved in hormone production.

By consuming a variety of organs, we embrace the holistic approach of utilizing all parts of the animal, including those that might be less appealing to some. This practice not only ensures a rich intake of diverse nutrients but also honors the tradition of minimizing waste and respecting the whole animal.

Customer Reviews

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Marianna Miglionico
Integratore testicoli

Prodotto eccellente. Questo come l'integratore di organi per me mai più senza.

Azar Abosamra

Grass Fed Beef Testicles


Thiis is a test to see if the comment section was made up

Tamás Nyári
Very good

Defined feel the raise of T levels. Only can recommend 😁

Istvan Szilágyi